Properly functioning air conditioning can keep a home or business at a comfortable temperature. An efficient system is quiet, works properly, and doesn’t cost a fortune to operate. It can be set at a desired temperature and it will turn on as needed to maintain that temperature. We often take such a system for granted until it isn’t working like it should or until we open up a bill that is twice as much as we had anticipated for it!

Air conditioning helps us stay comfortable when the temperatures soar outside. It can help make it more comfortable with high levels of humidity in the air. When the temps are hot outside, it can feel like an oven indoors if you don’t have a properly operating air conditioning unit. If you own a business, customers are going to complain if it is too warm in there. You have to keep it comfortable for them to enjoy their time at your business.


An air conditioning system should be inspected annually by a licensed professional. They can verify it is operating properly. They can change the belts and internal workings to prevent a small issue from becoming a major problem or malfunction. It is a good idea to have the air conditioning system inspected in the weeks before you anticipate it warming up enough to turn it on. This gives them time to complete the inspection and take care of anything they identify as a potential problem.


If your air conditioning isn’t working as it should, don’t put off having it checked out. It may be blowing warm air or staying on too much. It may be making noisy it typically doesn’t make. When you call to make an appointment, share the details of what you notice or feel could be wrong with it. When the repair person shows up, they can troubleshoot and find the underlying issue.

They should talk to you about their findings before any action is taken. What repairs are necessary? How much will it cost? This should include a breakdown of the parts and the labour involved with the repairs. How soon can they get it done? If the system is a brand they work on often, they may have the parts they need with them. If they have to order them, it will be a few days before they can install them.


An older air conditioning system is going to cost more to operate. It is going to need repairs more often. It may be time to install a new one, a product that works better and more efficiently. You will appreciate a quiet system and one you can rely on. At the same time, it will cost less to operate, and we can all feel good about saving money.

Look for a product that has a generous warranty on it. Evaluate the reviews of that product, the timeframe for the warranty, and what is covered. It can give you peace of mind knowing you have that coverage if there is something wrong with your air conditioning system. Make sure you still have someone come out to maintain it each year after a new one is installed. That will extend the life of the system.

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